Buying A New Home? Some Common Misconceptions About Financing It

Due to a combination of low interest rates and improving household balance sheets, the housing market is heating up. For example, in the San ¬†Francisco Bay Area, it isn’t uncommon for final sale prices ¬†to end up to 25% over asking prices. Due to this competitive environment, it pays to understand home financing and not […]

Underwater on Your Mortgage? You May Have Another Chance to Refinance for a Lower Payment

On October 24, 2011, President Obama announced changes to HARP (Homeowner Affordable Refinance Program) to allow more underwater homeowners to qualify for the benefit. This new program was dubbed HARP 2.0. Each mortgage lender was allowed to set its own schedule for implementing the enhancements. For example, lenders needed to re-program their automated underwriting systems […]