Simple Truths about Money

There are simple truths about money and they’re not as scary as you think.
With the right plan for your finances you can look forward to the future without fear or apprehension and create the life you love.

These are the 10 Simple Truths:

  1. Procrastination leads to financial fuzziness. Read More
  2. Saving, investing, diversifying and rebalancing lead to financial success. Read More
  3. Money grows exponentially. Read More
  4. Choose your advisors wisely. Read More
  5. Contrary to popular opinion, you were not born to shop. Read More
  6. Volatility is the price we pay for the higher long term return potential of stocks. Read More
  7. The longer you live, the more money you will need. Read More
  8. Your money personality affects your money behavior. Read More
  9. Inflation and taxes are money’s enemies. Read More
  10. You are your credit score. Read More

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